Articulated Boom Lifts

Access Platform Sales stock a selection of new and Approved Used articulated boom lifts and cherry pickers offering excellent up-and-over capabilities from world-class brands such as Genie and Niftylift. With working heights from 10 to 43 metres and a choice of battery and mains electric power for quiet emmision free environments, and diesel and petrol for rough terrain construction applications, we're confident we'll have the right access platform for your job!

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  1. Niftylift HR10E
    Niftylift HR10E
  2. Genie Z30/20N
    USED Genie Z30/20N
  3. Genie Z-30/20N
    Genie Z-30/20N
  4. Genie Z-33/18
    Genie Z-33/18
  5. Niftylift HR12E
    Niftylift HR12E
  6. Niftylift HR12N
    Niftylift HR12N
  7. Niftylift HR12D 4x4
    Niftylift HR12D 4x4
  8. Genie Z-34/22N
    Genie Z-34/22N
  9. Genie Z-34/22 DC or Bi-Energy
    Genie Z-34/22 DC or Bi-Energy
  10. Genie Z-34/22 IC
    Genie Z-34/22 IC
  11. Niftylift SD120T 4x4
    Niftylift SD120T 4x4
  12. Genie Z-40/23N
    Genie Z-40/23N
  13. Niftylift HR15NE
    Niftylift HR15NE
  14. Niftylift HR15NDE
    USED Niftylift HR15NDE
  15. Niftylift HR15D 4x4
    Niftylift HR15D 4x4
  16. LGMG AR14JE
  17. Genie Z-45 XC
    Genie Z-45 XC
  18. Genie Z-45/25 DC or Bi-Energy
    Genie Z-45/25 DC or Bi-Energy
  19. Genie Z-45/25J RT 4WD
    Genie Z-45/25J RT 4WD
  20. LGMG AR14J
    LGMG AR14J
  21. Niftylift HR17 Hybrid 4x4
    Niftylift HR17 Hybrid 4x4
  22. Niftylift SD170 4x4
    Niftylift SD170 4x4
  23. Niftylift SD170 4x2
    Niftylift SD170 4x2
  24. Niftylift HR17NE
    Niftylift HR17NE

Items 1-24 of 36

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