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Access Platform Sales supplies new and Approved Used powered access platforms from some of world’s leading manufacturers including Genie and Hinowa. As a UK authorised Genie dealer, we stock the full line of Genie scissor lifts, cherry pickers and boom lifts plus the popular aluminium material lifts including Genie AWPs & IWPs. Hinowa's innovative tracked booms and spider lifts are global market leaders. Incredibly versatile and compact machines, they are packed with the latest technology and safety features.

With over 30 years of experience, we've built lasting relationships with our suppliers so we can offer our customers an access platform for every application. You'll find market-leading products like Niftylift's lightweight trailer and narrow aisle Height Rider booms, and Aldercote's high performance van-mounted platforms and Youngman BoSS low-level push around scissor lifts. We also offer rough terrain scissors and large deck boom lifts from US manufacturer MEC.

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  1. Hinowa 14.70
    Hinowa 14.70
  2. JLG 1930ES
    JLG 1930ES
  3. Niftylift HR12NDE
    Niftylift HR12NDE
  4. JLG 530LRT
    JLG 530LRT
  5. Hinowa 20.10
    Hinowa 20.10
  6. Genie Z60/34
    Genie Z60/34
  7. Youngman Boss X3XSP
    Youngman Boss X3XSP
  8. Genie Z45/25J Diesel 4x4
    Genie Z45/25J Diesel 4x4
  9. JLG 2030ES
    JLG 2030ES
  10. Niftylift 170HDET
    Niftylift 170HDET
  11. Genie GS1932
    Genie GS1932
  12. Hinowa 23.12
    Hinowa 23.12
  13. JLG Toucan 1010
    JLG Toucan 1010
  14. Niftylift HR12NDE
    Niftylift HR12NDE
  15. Hinowa 17.80XL IIIS Lithium
    Hinowa 17.80XL IIIS Lithium
  16. Youngman Boss X3XSP
    Youngman Boss X3XSP
  17. Hinowa 17.75
    Hinowa 17.75
  18. Snorkel S1930E
    Snorkel S1930E
  19. Skyjack SJ9250
    Skyjack SJ9250
  20. Genie GS2646
    Genie GS2646
  21. Genie GS2632
    Genie GS2632
  22. Hinowa 19.65
    Hinowa 19.65
  23. Niftylift HR12D 4x4
    Niftylift HR12D 4x4
  24. Manitou 160ATJ 4x4x4
    Manitou 160ATJ 4x4x4

Items 1-24 of 41

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