Material Lifts

Access Platform Sales provide a comprehensive range of material handling products, including the innovative ToughLift® range of material lifts, popular Genie material lifts, and Wienold glass and material lifts.

ToughLift® is an innovative manufacturer of compact, flexible material lifts. Genie material lifts are user-friendly contractor tools that improve safety and boost productivity. Wienold has a growing reputation for high capacity lifts that are popular glass lifts and are ideal for glaziers.


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  1. Genie SLC-24
    Genie SLC-24
  2. ToughLift ML-25
    ToughLift ML-25
  3. ToughLift ML-20
    ToughLift ML-20
  4. ToughLift ML-15
    ToughLift ML-15
  5. ToughLift ML-10
    ToughLift ML-10
  6. Genie Super Tower
    Genie Super Tower
  7. Genie Load Lifter
    Genie Load Lifter
  8. Wienold GML 800+ 30/M
    Wienold GML 800+ 30/M
  9. Genie SLA-25
    Genie SLA-25
  10. Genie SLA-20
    Genie SLA-20
  11. Genie SLA-15
    Genie SLA-15
  12. Genie SLA-10
    Genie SLA-10
  13. Genie SLA-5
    Genie SLA-5
  14. Wienold GML 800+ 10/M
    Wienold GML 800+ 10/M
  15. Genie SLC-18
    Genie SLC-18
  16. Genie SLC-12
    Genie SLC-12
  17. Genie GH-5.6
    Genie GH-5.6
  18. Genie GH-3.8
    Genie GH-3.8
  19. Genie GL-12
    Genie GL-12
  20. Genie GL-10
    Genie GL-10
  21. Genie GL-8
    Genie GL-8
  22. Genie GL-4
    Genie GL-4
  23. Wienold GML 800+ 25/M
    Wienold GML 800+ 25/M
  24. Wienold GML 800+ 20/M
    Wienold GML 800+ 20/M

Items 1-24 of 25

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