Access Platform Sales stocks Genie aerial work platforms (AWPs) and push-around lifts. With working heights between 3 and 14.29 metres, and a range of bases available, these versatile access platforms are easy to manoeuvre, set-up and operate. Available with a choice of battery or mains electric power.

APS also stocks the next generation push around scissor lift from BoSS, the BoSS PA-Lift. With a platform height of 3.4m indoors and 2.6m outdoors, it's an ideal push around for a variety of environments including construction sites, hospitals, airports, retail outlets and factories. The BoSS PA-Lift replaces the BoSS X3 and X3X models. 


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  1. Desksurfer 35 UM
    Desksurfer 35 UM
  2. Desksurfer 35 FM
    Desksurfer 35 FM
  3. Desksurfer 42 UM
    Desksurfer 42 UM
  4. Desksurfer 42 FM
    Desksurfer 42 FM
  5. Desksurfer 49 FM
    Desksurfer 49 FM
  6. BoSS X3X
    BoSS X3X
  7. BoSS PA Lift
    BoSS PA Lift
  8. Desksurfer 55 FM
    Desksurfer 55 FM
  9. Desksurfer 60 FM
    Desksurfer 60 FM
  10. Genie AWP-20S
    Genie AWP-20S
  11. Genie IWP-20S
    Genie IWP-20S
  12. Genie IWP-25S
    Genie IWP-25S
  13. Genie AWP-25S
    Genie AWP-25S
  14. Genie AWP-30S
    Genie AWP-30S
  15. Genie IWP-30S
    Genie IWP-30S
  16. Genie AWP-36S
    Genie AWP-36S
  17. Genie AWP-40S
    Genie AWP-40S

17 Items

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