Genie Z-40/23N

Genie Z-40/23N Key Facts

  • Max. Working Height Max. Working Height: 14.32m
  • Max. Horizontal Outreach Max. Horizontal Outreach: 6.91m
  • Travel Width Travel Width: 1.5m
  • Lift Capacity Lift Capacity: 227kg
  • Weight Weight: 6,940kg
  • Power Source Power Source: Battery


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Genie Z-40/23N Key Facts

  • Largest model in Genie’s narrow electric articulating boom range 
  • Travels easily along narrow aisles & through double doorways
  • Zero tail swing and front arm swing; ideal for tight spaces 
  • Multi-function controls for increased efficiency and productivity 
  • Also available with a rotating jib (Z-40/23N RJ) 

The industry’s first articulating boom with an AC electric drive system, the Genie Z-40/23N makes less demand on the batteries, meaning a longer battery life. Multi-function controls with variable speed technology enable quick repositioning as you can complete multiple actions at once, such as raising and extending the boom. It is also available with a 1.5m jib as the Z-40/23N RJ.


More Information
Max. Working Height 14.32m
Max. Horizontal Outreach 6.91m
Lift Capacity 227kg
Power Source Battery
Weight 6,940kg
Travel Width 1.5m
Lifting Mechanism Articulated Boom
Chassis Type Electric Self propelled