First lithium LGMG rough terrain booms in Europe delivered to Briggs Equipment

Access Platform Sales has delivered the first lithium electric LGMG electric rough terrain boom lifts in the European market to Briggs Equipment Ireland.

Briggs Equipment has purchased 12 machines across the new all-electric, telescopic boom lift range, which offers clients significant operational and sustainability advantages over diesel-powered platforms.

The all-terrain telescopic cherry pickers are powered by a zero emission lithium-ion battery pack that allows them to operate for up to three days at typical usage rates between charges.

All the boom lifts have a variety of charging modes that support regular and fast charging.

Improved productivity

Martin Masterson, Short Term Hire Manager for Briggs Equipment in Dublin, said the investment demonstrated the company is committed to offering our customers more sustainable options for an increasingly demanding marketplace.

 He added: “These lithium-powered booms will increase our customers’ productivity, reduce their carbon footprint, and virtually eliminate any downtime due to equipment breakdown.

“They also eliminate diesel costs for the machine and reduce the requirement for storing diesel on-site, offering a significant saving to customers. We expect this will be well received with diesel costs being unstable.

“Most importantly, we feel there are real health and safety benefits with these machines. The lithium battery generates little or no noise when the lift is in operation, which is a major improvement compared to diesel powered equivalents.”

‘Seismic shift’ to electric

APS Northern Sales Director Shane Paver said: “We’re really pleased that Martin and his colleagues at Briggs Equipment are excited to be the first in Europe to receive these new lithium electric LGMG boom lifts, and are confident their customers will be just as impressed with them.

“It reflects extremely positively on the company’s proactive approach to innovation – and a seismic shift that will continue in 2023 across the powered access rental market as awareness of the operational, sustainability and reputational advantages of electric MEWPs gathers pace.”

The LGMG platforms Briggs Equipment has taken are the:

  • LGMG A14JE – working height 15.8m, outreach 7.81m;
  • LGMG T20JE – working height 21.8m, outreach 16.6m;
  • LGMG T22JE – working height 23.8m, outreach 17m;
  • LGMG T28JE – working height 29.8m, outreach 22.5m.

 A fourth platform in the range is the LGMG T26JE, with a working height of 27.9m and an outreach of 22.3m.

‘Efficient and quiet’

Briggs Equipment Business Development Manager Christian Stemmet praised their quality, added: “LGMG is the only supplier that can provide us with lithium booms we require. These lifts are extremely quiet, efficient, smooth, and simple to operate. They’re a real game-changer.

“They come with a dual capacity platform of 450kgs restricted and 300kgs unrestricted. The 2.4 metre wide, triple-entry baskets rotate 360 degrees, so there is plenty of space and less need for the operator to continually move the lift itself.

They all come with four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer, with one touch wheel alignment and oscillating axles.

“Being able to offer lithium-powered rough terrain booms means our customers can streamline their on-site fleets and increase efficiency by using the same platforms for internal and external work. The days of needing two machines are gone.

“We’ll be able to give our customers more innovative choices as they implement their own strategies to become more sustainable, low carbon businesses – at a time when ever stricter environmental regulations are becoming the norm.

“Also, with high diesel fuel prices, the rental costs of diesel and electric platforms are beginning to equalise, which is breaking down barriers to customers going electric.”

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