Going up or going over – new Hinowa spider delivers big-time

The largest Hinowa spider lift yet manufactured has demonstrated its impressive flexibility being used to fix a cupola on the roof of a care home and carry out window cleaning on high-rise homes.

Access Platform Sales supplied the Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 tracked spider lift to Fletcher Access which deployed the platform on the two working at height tasks.

The Fletcher Access team used the spider lift’s full 17.5m reach to boom to the centre of the roof of the Gloucester care home, allowing operatives to fix the cupola in place after it had been lifted in by a mobile crane.

Impressing clients

Days later, they demonstrated the advantages of its 40.2m maximum working height to clean windows on a 12-storey residential tower block in Worcester.

Worcester-based Fletcher Access is owned and run by brothers Simon and Anthony Fletcher.

Simon Fletcher said: “The Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 was perfect for both projects, handling the constraints associated with both sites with ease. We’ve only had it for a matter of weeks, but it’s impressed us and our clients in equal measure.

“We chose to take a full bi-energy diesel and lithium battery version of the spider lift and we worked on full electric power for both these maintenance projects.

“It meant the platform provided very low noise and zero emission operation, so there was no disruption for residents in the properties we were working on, or neighbouring ones.”

Ease to operate

APS is the UK and Ireland distributor for all Hinowa products, which also include tracked minidumpers and tracked forklifts, also known as pallet jacks.

APS Regional Sales Director Shane Paver said: “Simon and Anthony are proving what an awesome spider platform the Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 is, and the huge range of solutions it delivers.

“Its amazing working height and outreach are matched by the benefits of the Hinowa operating system which make the Lightlift 40.18 as easy to operate as smaller spider lifts in the range, delivering impressively safe and productive performance.”

Fletcher Access provides working at height maintenance and hire services across all business sectors, including building maintenance and inspection, construction, telecommunications, power transmission, and tree management.

As the care home’s roof maintenance specialist, Fletcher Access had renovated the decorative 250kg cupola, which then had to be placed back on the roof of the three-storey residential block.

The mobile crane was positioned in the car park at the front of the building. The Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 – just 1696mm wide when stowed for transportation – could be tracked along a footpath and set up on a lawn at the rear of the building, directly opposite the crane.

Reach – an advantage

Anthony Fletcher used a wireless remote control unit to track the spider lift, so he was always positioned in precisely the right place to safely oversee the process.

The work to replace the cupola was completed in less than three hours. The windows of 3 high-rise tower blocks were cleaned with purified water, aided by the built-in water pipe to the basket. A compressed air line is also fitted as standard.

Simon Fletcher said: “The Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 clearly has excellent capability for working at higher levels. But we’ve found its up and over reach and our ability to operate it in constrained space is proving just as useful.

“In one of the first projects we used the platform to fit bird deterrents on three-storey town houses. Access to the properties made other solutions more difficult. But we could position the Hinowa 40.18 in its courtyards and still reach the roof ridge. The solution saved cost and time.”

Lithium bi-energy

The spider cherry picker’s 17.5m maximum outreach is achieved with a working height of 10m. It has a 17m reach at a working height of 23m, and can also reach 4m below ground level.

Fletcher Access’s bi-energy spider boom can be operated indoors and outdoors, and in ultra low emissions zones or where and when noise-level restrictions apply.

The Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 can also be supplied with diesel engine only or solely with lithium battery electric power.

The spider lift has an unrestricted capacity of 230kg, like all other MEWPs in the Performance IIIS range, and a maximum capacity of 300kg to its full 40.2m working height and an outreach of 16.5m.

Narrow stabilisation

It has been fitted with a larger 2,000mm by 700mm basket to make the most of this larger capacity, allowing up to three operatives to work together at its maximum height.

The Hinowa LL 40.18 can also be set up in a narrow stabilisation area for working in particularly confined spaces – another function created by Hinowa to enhance the flexible use of its largest spider platform.

In this set up, the stabilisation area is 6,675mm by 3,640mm compared with a standard area of 5,375mm by 5,040mm, providing a maximum working height of 35m, an outreach of just under 11m, and a 230kg basket capacity.

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