Genie Scissor Lifts

Genie scissor lifts are among our most popular pre-owned products, in particular second hand Genie GS Series machines.

Genie scissor lifts are known for their durability, quality and long working life. We are experts in refurbishing used Genie scissors, meaning our customers get great value from pre-owned Genie machines that are in superb condition. Our 2nd hand Genie scissors work equally as well as a brand new Genie lift, but cost a fraction of the price.

Electric Slab Scissor Lifts

The Genie GS Scissor Series is a comprehensive range of compact electric “slab” scissors that are designed for working in on hard, flat, unencumbered surfaces. They have great manoeuvrability with a zero inside turning radius and compact dimensions, making them ideal for industrial, maintenance and construction applications. Most Genie GS Series models will pass through a standard interior doorway or double doorway, making it easy to reach the work site.

Genie is probably the most popular brand of slab scissor lifts in the UK. New and used Genie slab scissors are reliable, hard-working and great value-for-money products. Service is convenient and easy, thanks to swing-out power module trays and battery boxes which enable easy access to drive train components. Furthermore, the on-board diagnostics help operators of Genie scissor lifts to troubleshoot most common problems in the field, helping to minimise downtime.

Genie electric scissors do not have the complexity of an internal combustion engine, so they are simple to maintain and service, as there is very little that can go wrong. They are also very energy-efficient, ensuring low running costs. So you can choose new or 2nd hand Genie slab scissors with confidence.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts – Compact and Big Deck

If you need to go big, the Genie GS Series also includes a superb range of rough terrain (RT) scissor models, which combine excellent 4WD performance and fast lift speeds with great handling and load capacities. All of our new and used Genie rough terrain scissor lifts can be driven while fully elevated. With 4WD and positive traction control, they can tackle gradients of up to 50%, depending on the specific model. Inspection and maintenance of Genie rough terrain scissors is made easy thanks to on-board diagnostics for fast troubleshooting and a swing-out engine tray.

There are five compact Genie RT scissors that have compact chassis and a tight turning radius, making them ideal for working in between buildings on modern industrial estates and retail parks. They share a common 1.75m wide steel chassis, which features easily-replaceable aluminium deck boards. A 1.5m roll-out deck extension provides additional outreach when needed.

APS can supply the full range of new and used Genie compact scissors, as well as new and pre-owned Genie rough terrain scissors.

The largest machines in the GS Series are the Genie high capacity scissors, also known as Genie twin-deck scissors. These Genie rough terrain scissor lifts are widely used for steel erection, cladding and glazing. New and used Genie diesel scissors provide maximum working heights ranging from 12.06m (39ft) to 18.15m (59ft)

All three models in this Genie twin-deck scissor series have a powerful engine and great ground clearance, as well as an oscillating axle – a combination that delivers excellent rough terrain performance. Various power options are available, including LPG. Other options include a second slide-out deck extension and auto-levelling outriggers for faster set-up.

Pre-owned Genie rough terrain scissors offer really attractive pricing compared to brand new models – as with booms, the bigger the machine you buy, the bigger the saving! .

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