Scissor Lifts

Access Platform Sales has a selection of new and Approved Used scissor lifts available from stock with working heights between 5.2 metres and 18.1 metres from leading manufacturers Genie, LGMG and BoSS. As an authorised UK distributor for Genie, we can offer a choice of electric, battery and diesel power for both indoor and outdoor use, and a range of large deck scissors with rough terrain capabilities.

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  1. Genie GS-1330m
    Genie GS-1330m
  2. Genie GS-1532
    Genie GS-1532
  3. Genie GS-1932
    Genie GS-1932
  4. Genie GS-1930
    Genie GS-1930
  5. Genie GS-2046
    Genie GS-2046
  6. Genie GS-2032
    Genie GS-2032
  7. Genie GS-2669 RT
    Genie GS-2669 RT
  8. Genie GS-2646
    Genie GS-2646
  9. Genie GS-2632
    Genie GS-2632
  10. Genie GS-3232
    Genie GS-3232
  11. Genie GS-3246
    Genie GS-3246
  12. Genie GS-3369 RT
    Genie GS-3369 RT
  13. Genie GS-3390 RT Basic
    Genie GS-3390 RT Basic
  14. Genie GS-3384 RT
    Genie GS-3384 RT
  15. Genie GS-4047
    Genie GS-4047
  16. Genie GS-4069 DC or Bi-Energy
    Genie GS-4069 DC or Bi-Energy
  17. Genie GS-4069 RT
    Genie GS-4069 RT
  18. Genie GS-4390 RT
    Genie GS-4390 RT
  19. Genie GS-4655
    Genie GS-4655
  20. Genie GS-5390 RT
    Genie GS-5390 RT

20 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction