Used Genie Super Lifts

Lightweight, robust and easy to use, used Genie Super lifts offer the solution to one of the challenges facing contractors working in modern commercial buildings: working on floors with low weight-bearing capabilities. There are three series to choose from: the Genie AWP Super, Genie IWP Super and Genie DPL Super.

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Genie AWP Super Series

Designed to be easily set up and used by one person, used Genie AWP Super lifts are extremely low cost, simple and value-for-money machines. They fit comfortably into a light van or pick-up, making transport easy, too!

Extremely popular with UK contractors, pre-owned Genie AWP Super lifts are valued for their ease of use, convenience and light weight for working on floors that have low load-bearing capabilities. Weight is evenly distributed by four outriggers, also known as stabilisers because they also help stabilise the platform when elevated.

Handy storage sockets keep the outriggers safely stowed when the machine is not in use. Other standard features on all models include non-marking castors, an access point for lifting with an overhead crane, and AC power to platform.

The AWP range is comprised of five models, the Genie AWP-20S, AWP-25S, AWP-30S, AWP-35S and AWP-40S. They provide maximum working heights ranging from 8.1m to 14.3m, making them ideal for working in atriums and areas with raised ceilings.

The safe working loads of between 136kg and 159kg (depending on model) are all ample for one person with tools. With a stowed height of less than 2m and a width of only 0.74m, all 2nd hand Genie AWP Super lifts will easily pass through standard interior doorways. To further facilitate this action, the larger models have an integrated tilt-back system.

Genie IWP Super Series

Like the AWPs, used Genie IWP Super lifts are designed for work in atriums and buildings with high ceilings such as airports and shopping malls. Lightweight and easy to use, the Genie IWP Super Series one-person push around telescopic mast lifts share many of the key features of the popular Genie AWP range.

However, they do not require outriggers, meaning they are more compact and can be set up or dismantled in mere seconds. With a choice of base widths and working platform options, these personnel lifts can be tailored to your specific application.

Pre-owned Genie IWP Super lifts include safety features such as an integrated level sensor with interlocks, which only allows operation of the machine when on a suitably flat surface. There are three models in the series, providing maximum working heights of 8.2m, 9.4m and 11m. All have a safe working load of 159kg and a stowed height of less than 2m for passing through internal doorways.

Genie DPL Super Series

If you require a bigger platform that can accommodate two workers and their tools, then the answer is a used Genie DPL Super lift. With a 1.83m x 0.7m platform and a safe working load of 340kg, these machines are ideal for those two-person jobs.

Retaining the manoeuvrability and reach of other Genie Super push-around mast lifts, the pre-owned Genie DPL Super has a larger platform size (1.83m x 0.7m) and better payload capabilities than the AWP or IWP. When used indoors, this versatile machine has a safe working load of 340kg.

It is available in three models: the Genie DPL-25S, DPL-30S and DPL-35S, providing maximum working heights of 9.72m, 11.14m and 12.62m. All have a patented aluminium mast system, heavy-duty lifting chains and a welded steel base that provides exceptional stability.

With a stowed height of less than 2m and a width of 0.8m on all three models, 2nd hand Genie DPL Super lifts pass easily through standard interior doorways. LED lights confirm the proper deployment of the outriggers, helping to ensure that set-up is a simple and safe procedure.

Transport is easy and secure, thanks to multi-directional forklift pockets and sturdy tie-down attachments points. Like the AWP series, there are storage sockets for convenient stowing of the outriggers when not in use.

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