Used Genie Hoists

Looking for a pre-owned hoist or 2nd hand material lift? Genie manufactures an extensive and popular range of push-around material lifts, meaning we can offer you great deals on used Genie hoists!

Genie forged its name with pioneering materials handling equipment and has been a world leader in its field for almost 50 years. Genie Industries was founded in 1966, when it launched an innovative pneumatic material lift that operated using compressed air. Early customers were amazed and impressed by the “genie in the bottle” that powered the machine – hence the “Genie” brand name was born! In fact, Genie is such a strong global brand that when Terex bought the company in 2002, it retained the Genie name.

Today Genie continues to be a global leader in material lifts that are designed to be easily transported and operated by one person. This makes them popular with contractors the world over. These manually operated lifts are simple, robust, lightweight and compact, as well as superb value for money.

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Genie Super Hoist

Many contractors rely on a used Genie Super Hoist on a daily basis, as it allows one person to lift and position heavy loads overhead. This is an incredibly compact, easy-to-use material lift. One person can set it up a pre-owned Genie Hoist in seconds, with no tools required. This portable telescoping pneumatic hoist uses CO₂ or compressed air to lift up to 136 kg to heights of 3.8m on the GH-3.8 model, or 113 kg up to 5.6m on the larger GH-5.6.

The 4.8m long stretched hose makes a 2nd hand Genie Hoist ideal for installing overhead sprinklers and other plumbing, as well as air ducts and ceiling panels. With very compact stowed dimensions and a light weight of just 34-37kg, you can easily transport a used Genie Hoist in the boot of most cars, making it a great hire product as well as the perfect productivity aid for contractors.

A single tank of CO₂ provides around 80-90 lifts and the universal bracket accepts any common gas bottle size. Other features include wheel brakes as well as a quick-release leg lock to keep the legs stowed for storage and an auto-lubricating oil reservoir on top of each piston inside the cylinder.

Genie Lift

The GL series of versatile and cost-effective materials lifts are ideal for warehouse/retail operations as they are excellent at placing and retrieving heavy goods on shelves. This family of four products are also popular for HVAC installation and repair – and can even be used as a hand truck, forklift or dolly.

With three base models and many accessories to choose from, you can rely on a used Genie Lift to meet your material handling needs.

All 2nd hand Genie Lifts load easily into a pick-up truck for transport, making them a great contractor product. Standard features include a telescoping aluminium frame; reversible steel forks / winch handle; non-marking rear wheels and dual wheel; and front swivel casters on both the standard and straddle bases. The counterweight base has rear-swivel castors with side brakes and fixed front wheels.

The compact design ensures the machine passes easily through single doorways, while aluminium construction keeps it durable yet lightweight. There are four models in the range, all available as pre-owned products: the used Genie GL-4, used Genie GL-8, used Genie GL-10 and used Genie GL-12.

Optional extras include an integrated ladder, enabling the operator to access the same heights as the machine; and an electrically-powered winch for increased lift/lower speeds. For unusually-shaped loads there is even a load platform which fits over the forks.

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