Used Genie Cherry Pickers

“Cherry Picker” is a common industry term for a boom lift. It dates back to the earliest booms which were extensively used in orchards, as they hugely increased worker safety and productivity when fruit picking. There are two types of boom configuration - articulated and telescopic.

A telescopic boom configuration offers the best reach from a compact chassis, but has limited manoeuvrability, although many models today do come with a jib that enables precise positioning of the platform. The boom, or arm, is in telescopic sections which extend in a straight line, hence the alternative name “straight stick boom”. Telescopic booms are ideal for big construction projects. However, because the boom extends in a straight line, they are not always ideal for operations in some confined spaces.

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Used Genie straight booms are robust self-propelled machines that are driveable at full height. Features include platform rotation and self-levelling, while most models also come with a 5ft (1.5m) jib for precision positioning of the platform. 

Pre-owned Genie S Series telescopic booms (also known as used Genie stick booms) provide maximum platform heights ranging from the S40 offering 12.2m (40ft) to the enormous Genie SX180, reaching up to 54.9m (180ft). Genie also produces a range of straight stick booms specifically for shipyard work, which requires additional protection of the machine, particularly when sand blasting.

Articulated Genie Boom & Cherry Pickers

This is where the articulated boom comes into its own. Also known as a knuckle boom configuration, it consists of two or sometimes three folding arms, each joined with a knuckle. While the folding arm configuration sacrifices the greater height and reach offered by telescopic boom lifts, the articulated boom trumps it on manoeuvrability.

It can work in confined spaces and provides “up-and-over” solutions, easily overcoming physical barriers to the work station, such as walls, small buildings, etc. Applications include utility companies; tunnel work and all types of building and facilities maintenance.

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The used Genie Z series of articulated self-propelled booms includes a wide range of rough terrain models as well as electric and hybrid chassis.

Booms are mounted on a variety of chassis, for different reasons. Used Genie Cherry Pickers include self-propelled rough terrain machines for construction sites as well as battery-powered and hybrid machines for indoor or low-emissions work. These are usually driveable even when fully elevated. Trailer-mounted booms are lower cost models that can be towed by most saloon cars or light commercial vehicles. They are often used by contractors for tree work and facilities maintenance. Genie produces two trailer booms in its TZ series and we offer both as used Genie towable booms.

We have a close relationship with Genie that stretches back many years – we are the authorised Genie parts partner and service provider in the UK. This means that we have unrivalled access to pre-owned Genie cherry pickers in all shapes and sizes, providing affordable 2nd hand Genie cherry pickers to our customers. We often take in used Genie booms as part of trade-in deals for new machines, so we have a comprehensive range of used Genie boom lifts ranging from 2nd hand Genie Z-series compact battery powered machines right through to pre-owned Genie big booms.

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