What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a type of mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) that can lift materials and operatives vertically to gain height access. Unlike boom lifts or spider lifts, they have no telescopic or rotational ability. The term “scissor” refers to its lifting mechanism, which are tubes stacked in a criss-cross shape and propelled upwards by hydraulics, raising the working platform.
Scissor lifts can be classed as slab scissor lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts, depending on their intended application. 

  • Slab scissor lifts are often more compact in size and come with solid non-marking tyres for use on concrete slab type surfaces. 

  • Rough terrain scissor lifts are typically engine powered and have air or foam-filled tyres to cope with rough uneven ground conditions. 

They are one of the most common forms of powered access equipment thanks to their versatility, large working platforms (many come with deck extensions) and ease of mobility.

Why choose a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts can be used for various applications where operators need to have tools and materials with them, such as cladding, curtain walling and building maintenance tasks.

As they can only operate vertically and have little outreach, the scissor lift needs to be situated directly underneath the work area. When working on uneven ground or on slopes, some rough terrain models have outriggers to stabilise the machine.

New & Approved Used

APS stocks a wide selection of new and Approved Used scissor lifts.

Working heights range between 5.2m up to 18m.

Buying pre-owned scissor lifts can make a lot of sense and offer huge savings. Here are 10 tips on buying Approved Used access platforms.

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Power Sources

Scissor lifts are available in 3 power options:

Diesel Scissor Lifts - Suited to outdoor locations and manoeuvring across tough ground conditions, where the power of a diesel engine is required.

Electric Scissor Lifts - Suited to indoor work, they are quiet, lighter in weight and emit zero emissions, making them a “greener” form of powered access. Their compact size means they can often access harder to reach worksites (through doorways and corridors) and manoeuvre around obstacles better than larger diesel machines.

Bi-Energy Scissor Lifts - Combine the power of a diesel engine with the benefits of battery power. The engine can be used when travelling across work sites (to conserve the battery) and then switch to battery power. Bi-energy scissor lifts offer versatility on the worksite, and can be used indoors and outdoors.


Access Platform Sales is an independent supplier of powered access platforms and carefully selects products that offer superb performance, quality and reliability. By having long standing relationships with scissor lift manufacturers, APS can offer competitive pricing and high standards of after-sales support.


Servicing and LOLER Inspections

APS has been supporting customers for over 25 years with superb after-sales support. Once you’ve purchased your scissor lift, you can take advantage of our comprehensive range of access equipment services.

  • Regular services for your scissor lifts
  • LOLER inspections
  • Emergency breakdown cover - to get you back to work quickly
  • Repairs and refurbishment work

Our fully trained engineers are scissor lift specialists and our workshops are equipped for repairs and refurbishment using genuine manufacturer parts.

APS provide fixed price service plans which offer value for money and the convenience of services and LOLER inspections booked in for you.

LOLER inspections are “thorough examinations” carried out by a competent person, to ensure the equipment in question is fit for purpose and safe to use. Our technicians have been trained to industry standards and have the knowledge needed to carry out LOLER inspections on scissor lifts.

For more information on LOLER inspections click here. To book a LOLER inspection, call 01480 891 251.


Operator training for powered access is not only good practice but it’s a legal requirement. APS offers a range of nationally recognised training courses which can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate powered access equipment.

By law, all employees required to use an access platform for work at height, must receive the appropriate training before they operate the equipment.

IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) courses are the global standard for training and can be attended at dedicated training centres or alternatively at your own premises.

The IPAF course needed for scissor lifts is Mobile Vertical (3a): Self-propelled machines which can be driven whilst elevated.

Find out more about IPAF Training courses here.

Call 01480 891251 or email training@accessplatforms.co.uk to book your course and for impartial advice on training.

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