Tracked forklift transforms material moving for drainage specialist

JMF Services Hinowa forklift

Drainage specialist JMF Services has greatly improved the productivity of material moving needed to install sewage treatment plants with the purchase of a Hinowa TP1600 tracked forklift.

The company often has to install the water treatment tanks behind homes which have restricted access along narrow roadways, making the transportation of excavated or backfill material difficult.

To overcome these challenges, it has invested in a Hinowa TP1600 tracked forklift, supplied by Access Platform Sales, Hinowa’s UK and Ireland authorised dealer.

Safe material moving

JMF Services is now using the highly-compact forklift to quickly and safely move 1tonne bags of backfill to excavation sites that cannot be reached by lorries.

Darren Fusco, Managing Director of the company, based in Swindon, Wiltshire, said: “Having the Hinowa tracked forklift has transformed our material handling capability.

“On projects where before it could take many hours to move material, in a process that could involve a good deal of spade work, we can now move many tonnes of material in a fraction of the time.

“In one recent job we had to move 10 tonnes of backfill gravel down a narrow track between houses and we completed the task, with the gravel in the excavation, in just one hour. It’s very impressive.”

Overcome difficult access

APS Regional Sales Manager Jonathan Wiseman said: “It’s very good to hear that the Hinowa TP1600 has made such a positive impact on Darren’s business.

“This is just one of many examples of where these tracked forklifts have saved time and money, improved customers service, and enhanced safety when carrying out these tasks.

“For example, in many cases building merchants are operating larger lorries, carrying out roadside drops of bagged and palletised products, sometimes a good distance from a worksite, if access is difficult

“In these circumstances, construction, groundworks and landscaping companies are investing in Hinowa tracked forklifts, or renting them from plant hire specialists, to move materials quickly and efficiently.”

As a tracked machine, the Hinowa TP1600 forklift also helps transport material across sensitive ground, including village greens and gardens, without causing damage.

It is also ideal for taking the company’s water jetting pump to remote off-road locations across farmland.

Working across farmland

Darren Fusco explained: “We may have to clear sewers and field drainage pipes 100s of metres across a field. With the TP1600, all we have to do is put our equipment on a pallet and we can take it there easily.”

The Hinowa TP1600 ride on crawler forklift has a maximum load capacity of 1,600kg and is powered by a Honda petrol engine.

Its tracks can be hydraulically adjusted between a minimum width of 1240mm and a maximum width of 1800mm to accommodate loads of different sizes and increase stability during lifting and tracking.

Loads can be lifted to a maximum fork height of 1775mm, and forks can be adjusted from three degrees below horizontal to seven degrees above horizontal.

APS can also supply the Hinowa TP1800 tracked forklift, which has a maximum load capacity of 1,800kg and, again, is powered by a Honda petrol engine.

Hinowa tracked forklifts are ideal for a range of other tasks, including moving materials, components or finished products on factory sites or transporting and loading agricultural produce on farms.

Find out more about Hinowa tracked forklifts. Call APS on 01480 891251.