Start as you mean to go on – new rental specialist selects ToughLift quality

A start-up low access and material lifting rental specialist is confident of impressing clients after placing an order with Access Platform Sales for new ToughLift material lifts.

Prime Hire Solutions has taken delivery of 20 of the machines, designed to set new standards for simple yet tough push-around manual material lifts, and plans to order more.

Tom Wade, Managing Director of the South London rental specialist, viewed a ToughLift material lift on the APS stand at the Executive Hire Show and liked its quality plus its additional safety features.

Lifting for clean trades

He said: “The ToughLift machine shown to us by APS was clearly superior to the standard material lifts in use in the UK market, so we’re very confident our customers will also be impressed.

“We’re looking to build an equipment hire fleet focussed on serving clean trades, like HVAC and electrical installation and facilities maintenance, and ToughLift material lifts will be ideal for these clients.

“They’re robust, easy to use, with new safety features and design standards for this equipment that make lifting and manoeuvring easier and safer.”

The ToughLift range carries CE certification which is required by many large contractors and their Tier 1 clients, which was another key advantage compared with some other lifts on the market, he added.

ToughLift – ‘Exciting potential’

APS is the UK and Ireland distributor for ToughLift material lifts.

Its Key Accounts Director Linda Betts said: “We’re very pleased Tom and his team at Prime Hire Solutions, could see the advantages built into every ToughLift machine.

“They want to offer a new standard in material lifting and that’s just what ToughLift achieves. We’re excited by the potential this product has and what it can do for ambitious businesses like Prime Hire Solutions.”

Prime Hire Solutions supplies low-level access, MEWPs, access towers and steps, site security and storage boxes, plus material lifting handling equipment, and plans to have more than 1,000 pieces of equipment in its fleet by the end of 2024.

The ToughLift material lifts delivered by APS includes three of the four models in the current range.

  • The ToughLift ML-10 has a maximum safe working load (SWL) of 454kg and can lift loads from or to a maximum height of 3.49m.
  • The ToughLift ML-15 has a maximum SWL of 363kg and can lift loads to a height of 4.98m. 
  • The ToughLift ML-25 has a maximum SWL of 295kg and can lift loads to a height of 7.94m.

Also available is the ToughLift ML-20. It has a SWL of 363kg and can lift loads at a maximum height of 6.46m.

All material lifts in the range are fitted with standard forks, with other lifting accessories available. These are pipe cradles, a load platform, extension forks, and a boom.

There is also a rough terrain wheel kit that can be attached to the material lifts to aid its movement across uneven or unstable ground.

A series of smart performance and safety features set APS’s ToughLift range apart from rivals.

Straight line castor lock

The material lifts are quick and easy to set up, with no tools needed. A mast safety braking system holds the carriage and lifting columns in place if the cable becomes loose or breaks.

An extra-wide first pulley wheel improves laying of the cable on the winch drum, reducing the risk of tangling. A cable guard on the telescopic mast prevents finger trapping. There is also a hoisting and winching anchor.

Advanced swivel castors, with non-marking tyres, have a straight line lock to support loading and unloading and moving across sites. Also, a spirit level helps the operator level the chassis before raising the mast.

Each ToughLift material lift has an A5 document holder and a QR code that opens an operator manual on a smart mobile device. 

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