Seven Ways to Boost Battery Performance

Batteries are at the heart of almost every access platform, from a Hinowa tracked boom to a Genie electric scissor or a Niftylift towable boom.

The level of care that you take when you charge, clean and top-up your batteries can have a huge impact on their useful life span. Here we outline a magnificent seven ways to ensure that your batteries are the best they can be:

1. Check water levels
Lead acid batteries need to be filled with distilled water to minimise the corrosion which can damage their efficiency. Check battery cell water levels at least once a month - and top up the fluid to the correct mark as required. For optimum performance, make sure you carry out the check and top-up before you charge the batteries.

2. Keep them clean
Keeping your batteries clean improves their performance. We recommend that you wash your batteries with clean, lukewarm water. Pay particular attention to the terminals and electrical leads - if corrosion is evident, scrub with a bristle or wire brush to remove it.

3. Recharging regime
Recharge all batteries after use. Before charging the batteries, we advise you to inspect all terminals for frayed, loose or damaged connectors, and ensure the terminals are clean and free from corrosion. Batteries will self-discharge when not in regular use. So if your machines are not being heavily used, best practice is to still recharge them at planned, regular intervals.

4. Replace old batteries
Lead acid batteries lose their energy storage capabilities over time - and they also do not hold their charge as well in cold weather as they do in milder temperatures. 

5. Invest in new chargers
In the same way as your car battery wouldn’t properly recharge if your alternator was not performing 100%, you shouldn’t buy new access platform batteries and then recharge them with an old, degraded charger! Invest in a new charger when you buy new batteries. 

6. De-mister
Thermoil Battery De-Mister is a patented battery oil that incorporates a non-acidic rust inhibitor and anti-oxidant. It has an indefinite shelf life, meaning no sell-by or best before dates. Benefits include:

• Extends battery life
• Reduces water consumption
• Eliminates corrosion
• Enhances battery recharge time
• Increases resistance to extreme temperatures

7. De-sulphate
Thermoil Battery De-Sulfater is a non-acid chemical formula which breaks down any deadly sulphating corrosion that has formed on plates and insulators, thereby restoring normal action in cells. The chemicals in Battery De-Sulfater are safe for all new and used lead acid batteries. It has an indefinite shelf life and is guaranteed to restore, improve and prolong the life of mechanically sound lead-acid batteries regardless of make, age, or size.