Minidumper allows landscaper to work on with sight disability

Michael Adams Minidumper

Landscaper Michael Adams can carry on working despite having a sight disability thanks to the purchase of a new Hinowa HS701 high-tip minidumper.

Michael has been living with progressive tunnel vision for more than 10 years and had been finding it increasingly difficult to load materials into his trailer using a wheelbarrow.

The solution has been to buy a Hinowa HS701 high-tip minidumper from Access Platform Sales – a move that has transformed his ability to productively and safely carry out his work.

Safe loading

Michael explains: “I was first diagnosed with tunnel vision around 13 years ago. Running wheelbarrows of soil and other material up ramps into the trailer was becoming more and more risky.

“Having the minidumper now is a godsend. It’s changed everything. It means I can load material completely safely. Also, I can do five loads with the minidumper instead of 20 barrowloads, so our work is far quicker.”

That boost in productivity has come at a critical point. The business is having one of its best ever years and Michael and his team are just starting the busy summer period. So, being able to complete projects in the shortest possible time is good for them and for customers.

Reduced pain

Using the minidumper also means there is much less risk of pain from the tendinitis that Michael suffers as a result of the hard labour required to run a successful landscaping business for 25 years.

His new HS701 tracked high-tip minidumper has a load capacity of 550kg and can lift its bucket to a dumping height of 1355mm (the height of the bottom edge of the bucket when tipped). It has a powerful and reliable Kubota single cylinder 416cc engine.

The ride-on minidumper’s tracks are just 785mm wide, allowing it to be driven through a single pedestrian gate and down narrow paths by the side of houses.

Improved productivity

Access Platform Sales (APS) is the UK and Ireland authorised dealer for all Hinowa products which also include tracked spider platforms and tracked forklifts.

APS Sales Manager Jonathan Wiseman says: “When landscapers invest in a Hinowa minidumper it invariably makes it much easier and more productive for them to do their work, which opens up new possibilities and often helps them grow their businesses.

“In Michael’s case, this goes one step further. It allows him to carry on doing highly effective and high quality work, despite a sight disability, which makes me even happier than usual to be of service.”

Minidumper benefits

Michael had hired minidumpers before but had always used wheelbarrows to load his tipper trailer. This is the first time he has invested in his own machine, a decision that has transformed his approach to work.

He explains: “I have to be driven everywhere by a member of my team. Having the Hinowa minidumper allows me to be left to get on with the work while they go off to get materials or work on another job.

“It’s a fabulous machine and has, without a doubt, allowed me to keep doing a job and running my business in the way I want to.”

The high tip dumper bed is one version in the highly-popular HS701 range from Hinowa. Others include the HS701 self-loading minidumper, the HS701 extra high-tip minidumper and the HS701 with flat skip.

Hinowa HS701 self loading mini dumper

HS701 self-loading minidumper

Hinowa HS701 high tip mini dumper

HS701 extra high-tip minidumper

Hinowa HS701 flat skip mini dumper

HS701 with flat skip

All models can be bought tracked fixed to a width of 758mm of variable width tracks that can be extended at a touch of a button to 1058mm for additional stability.

There is now even an all-electric HS70-1E lithium-ion battery-powered minidumper, introducing a zero-emissions, zero carbon footprint and low noise option to the Hinowa minidumper range for the first time.

Find out how Hinowa minidumpers can help improve productivity and safety. Call APS today: 01482 891251.