Maintaining Hinowa Spider Lifts

Hinowa’s market-leading spider lifts are the best-selling tracked booms in the world.

One of the reasons they are so popular is that their superb performance is matched by their complete ease of maintenance. However despite being very low maintenance there is still some work to be done! Chris Banks, Technical Director and resident Hinowa expert, gives us a run-down of the most important elements:

1. Engine

On the diesel and petrol models, remember to carry out Hinowa’s recommended service schedule every 250 hours of operation. This includes changing the engine oil, draining the water separator and changing the air filter. You should also clean or replace the engine oil filter depending on model; as the oil filter is washable on some models. The diesel filter should also be replaced.  With freezing temperatures due any day now, if you have a water cooled engine in your Hinowa lift, make sure you top up the anti-freeze.

2. Grease Your Nipples

Make sure you grease the nipples regularly – there is only five on each machine so it is an easy job.

3. Adjust Wear Pads

Remember to inspect the wear pads on the telescopic boom sections and adjust accordingly.

4. Keep consoles clean and free of debris

Cleaning consoles after operating the machine will help to prevent the display from becoming obscured with dirt or debris. It’s a simple thing but you’d be amazed how many operators do not bother.

5. Batteries & Chargers

How often you charge, clean and top-up your batteries can make a huge difference to their useful life span. For our battery maintenance fact sheet, click here 

Want to know more about how our preventative maintenance programmes can help you save money and minimise down time? Contact our team and we’ll be happy to help!