LGMG scissor lift displays impressive performance at art school

Curators at one of the UK’s leading schools of art and design are using an advanced electric LGMG scissor lift supplied by Access Platform Sales to prepare exhibits in their gallery.

The Winchester School of Art, part of the University of Southampton, has invested in an LGMG SS0407ER scissor lift to replace ladders and platform systems previously used to prepare displays.

Significant step forward

Andrew Brook, Technical Manager at the University of Southampton, said: “We wanted to improve the methods we used to work at height in the gallery and found the LGMG scissor lift was the best option.

“It’s safer and more flexible than using ladder systems or aluminium platforms and is helping our technical staff hang artwork with greater precision and speed, which improves productivity.

“In this respect, using the scissor lift is a significant step forward. It’s well-suited to working with both 2D work against walls and with sculpture and installations in 3D space.

“Using the LGMG scissor lift gives our technical team more time to work together and collaborate with artists and designers to make sure their work is displayed in the best way, and they enjoy using it.”

Compact design

APS Regional Sales Manager John Wiseman said: “We’re delighted Andrew and his colleagues are so pleased with their LGMG SS0407ER and that it’s doing such a good job for them.

“It has a number of key features that make it ideal for working in this kind of environment, whether it’s supporting art installation or similar tasks such as event installation or fit-out projects.

“An important one is its sealed electric direct drive motor system. This makes it almost silent and eliminates the risk of hydraulic fluid leakage. It also gives the platform very responsive controls for precise placement of the platform.”

The LGMG SS0407ER is also particularly compact. It’s just 1530mm long, 760mm wide and weighs 880kg. This makes it ideal for working in constrained and complex spaces, like galleries, and allows it to be transported in many pedestrian lifts.

Intelligent diagnostics

The scissor lift has a maximum working height of 5.6m, the platform can be raised to a height of 3.6m. The platform is 1360mm long, 730mm wide, and has a capacity of 240kg. It also has a 600mm extension deck, with a 120kg capacity.

The LGMG SS0407ER scissor lift can be driven at full height and has a stowed gradeability of 25%. It has an inside turning radius of zero, supporting working in tight spaces, and solid, non-marking tyres.

Other features fitted as standard include a maintenance-free battery, foldable guardrails, an overload sensing system, a tilt alarm with lift cut-out, emergency descent capability, and LGMG’s intelligent diagnostic system.

Optional features include AC power and compressed air to the platform, an anti-collision system, GPS location, and a drive limiter when lifting.

Maintenance free

The LGMG SS0407ER is part of the LGMG ER Series range of electric scissor lifts, all with advanced maintenance-free batteries and direct drive motors, with a more compact design for working in restricted space.

Other scissor lifts in the range are:

Winchester School of Art is one of the UK’s leading centres for art and design research, education. It is committed to leading practice that shares learning between art, science, technology and culture.

It was founded in 1870 and became part of the University of Southampton. Notable alumni include the musician and visual artist Brian Eno and artist Mary Fairburn, best known for illustrating JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

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