LGMG platforms – 8 attributes that impress our clients most

LGMG T26JE RT Boomlift

LGMG scissor lifts and boom lifts have made a significant impact on the access platform market since Access Platform Sales was made UK and Ireland distributor for the brand.

So the team at APS thought this was the right moment to review customer feedback about the hundreds of LGMG platforms they have supplied to both access rental specialists and end-users.

This reveals eight key attributes of the LGMG offer that strongly and consistently appeal to APS customers.

1.   Comprehensive offer

The breadth of the LGMG range means access rental companies can count on the brand to provide them with precisely the right scissor lifts and boom lifts needed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

This was a key benefit identified by FGS Plant and its access rental arm, Hire Access Platforms, when it placed a £2million order for platforms across the LGMG range.

The company also wanted to work with a long-term supply partner that had the after-sales resources and credibility to support the significant expansion of its access rental division.

Hire Access Platforms Director Dave Solomon said: “LGMG platforms offer an excellent package with strong options across its product range, and we’re confident we’ll get equally strong after sales back-up from APS.

“We see it as a very good one-stop-shop solution to build our platform fleet and continue to offer our customers the quality and service we’ve built our reputation on as a business.”

Dave Solomons, Director of Hire Access Platforms

Dave Solomons, Director of Hire Access Platforms, says he is confident of the after-sales service APS will deliver.

2.   Rapid fulfilment

As the world has edged out of the COVID-19 pandemic, access platform supply chains across many sectors have been left significantly disrupted.

However, the foresight and strength of LGMG has meant it has not been hit as hard by these problems, allowing APS to fulfil orders placed more rapidly and smoothly.

Elavation Platforms saw this as a useful advantage as it placed orders for LGMG SR-1623 D diesel rough terrain scissor lifts.

Elavation Technical Manager Andy Lambert said: “APS’s ability to fulfil our order quickly has been a big plus. It made sure we got our scissor lifts on time, so we could meet customer demand for platform hire support when it’s needed.”

Elevation invests in large LGMG scissor lifTs from APS

Elavation Technical Manager Andy Lambert with APS Major Accounts Manager Linda Betts. 

3.   High Specification

APS clients like the high level specification across the LGMG range. The manufacturer’s designers focus strenuously on building in multiple features market research tells them will be appreciated by rental companies and their customers.

Cannon Access Director Tom Cannon reflected on this point as the company took delivery of new LGMG AS0607WE electric scissor lifts, which have a maximum working height of 7.8m.

Tom Cannon said: “The first thing we liked was the direct electric drive, which provides plenty of power and traction which makes aspects like loading easier. This is important for us in terms of saving time and eliminating risks.

“It also makes the scissor lift more energy efficient, optimising battery run time for our customers. The LGMG AS0607WE also has a lot of smart engineering and design features our customers will appreciate.”

Canon Access has added LGMG scissor lifts to its fleet

Rental specialist Cannon Access has taken six LGMG AS0607WE electric scissor lifts from APS.

4.  Excellent reliability

If there is one attribute access rental specialists really value, reliability is right up there. LGMG platforms have certainly impressed APS clients and their customers in this area of performance.

In terms of the build quality and mechanical performance, our customers are telling us that LGMG platforms match, if not exceed, the standards set by the best in the business.

This was the case when fast-growing rental specialist Essential Powered Access took three types of electric scissor lift, the LGMG AS0607WE, LGMG AS080E, and LGMG AS1012E, into its fleet.

Company founder Christian Lang said: “LGMG platforms are proving to be the ideal choice as we aim to quickly grow our MEWP hire fleet. Their build quality is excellent and they’re extremely reliable, which is contributing to very good utilisation rates.

“On top of that, the ability of APS to deliver them quickly, and provide excellent after-sales support, is very important to us as a young business that needs to be able to respond rapidly to customer needs.”

LGMG AS0607WE, LGMG AS080E, and LGMG AS1012E

APS has supplied three different LGMG electric scissor lifts to Essential Access Platforms, from left to right: the LGMG AS0607WE, LGMG AS080E, and LGMG AS1012E.

5.  Future proofed options

Access rental companies want to embrace a clear trend towards more sustainable ways to work at height. LGMG’s strength in lithium electric technology is helping APS clients green their fleet in a timely way.

For example, Briggs Equipment Ireland has invested in three out of four new LGMG lithium telescopic boom models.

They are the: LGMG T20JE, with a 21.8m working height and 16.6m outreach; LGMG T22JE, with a 23.8m working height and 17m outreach; and LGMG T28JE, which has a 29.8m working height and 22.5m outreach.

Briggs Equipment Short Term Hire Manager, Martin Masterson, said:  "Thanks to our relationship with APS, the collaborative support it provides, and the success we’ve had with the LGMG platforms we already operate, we’ve decided to make this further investment in their lithium product range.”


The LGMG T20JE lithium telescopic boom lift - LGMG is the only manufacturer that could supply the lithium booms Briggs Equipment need.

6.  Smart design

One of the frequent comments APS gets in client feedback about LGMG is the tell-tale signs of smart design and functionality that makes platforms easier to operate and ideal for the job.

It could be something simple like an emergency brake release being operated by a button rather than a hydraulic pump.

For PG Platforms MD Steve Cutting it was the hydraulic oil coolers fitted to LGMG SR0818D diesel scissor lifts.

PG Platforms supplies MEWPs to tunnel maintenance contractors. So while the build quality and specification of the LGMG scissor lifts was impressive, the cooling system clinched the deal.

Steve Cutting explained: “When I saw they had hydraulic oil coolers I was very happy to take the LGMGs. Our platforms often need to travel a fair distance in long tunnels to get to worksites and overheating hydraulic oil is an issue.

“The cooling system on these LGMG SR0818Ds means that’s not likely to happen. They also have large decks that can carry up to four operatives which is important for tunnel work where we often have to install bulky equipment.”


Rental specialist PG Platforms has taken delivery of LGMG SR0818D diesel scissor lifts and sent them straight out on a highway tunnel maintenance project.

7.  Easy to use and maintain

A priority for LGMG is to make its platforms easy to use and to maintain. It sounds obvious, but not so easy to achieve. However, APS clients are noticing the difference.

LGMG designs its platforms from the bottom up with simplicity in mind. Controls are clear and easy to use. There is uniformity across ranges, so operators can easily switch between platforms.

Rental company Active Access is one of many APS clients that have responded favourably to this ethos, adding LGMG SR1018D diesel scissor lifts to its fleet after first investing in electric LGMG scissors.

Active Access owner Seref Zengin said: “We could see the SR1018Ds follow the same design principles as our electric LGMGs, which is good to see.

“Too many modern platforms are very complicated which can confuse customers, even our engineers. That doesn’t appear to be the case with LGMG platforms.”

8.  Liked by customers

If a powered access rental company gets positive feedback about new platforms, it knows it’s onto a winner. Usually, no news is good news. Active praise is rare.

However, that is just what access rental company UPA received after adding LGMG SR1623D scissor lifts to its fleet.

The rough terrain scissors, with a maximum working height of 18m, proved very popular with customers, including UPA’s parent company, CA Group, a leading roofing, cladding and building services specialist.

UPA General Manager Jason O’Brien said: “The LGMG SR1623Ds have been a great success. Feedback is always positive. For cladding applications, they’re easy to operate, the slide-out deck is smooth, provides a generous work area, and the platform is very stable.

“From a rental point of view, LGMG scissor lifts are very robust, the build quality, including paint finish, is excellent and they’ve been very reliable. Also, they are very competitive in terms of capital expenditure.”

LGMG SR1623D scissor lifts

The LGMG SR-1623 D diesel scissor lift is ideal for cladding applications.

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