LGMG electric scissor lifts directly drive rental growth

Design and performance characteristics of electric LGMG scissor lifts are allowing access rental specialists to create new opportunities for shorter hires, Access Platform Sales is being told.

The efficiency of the advanced batteries on the LGMG platforms, combined with the power saving achieved by technology such as direct drive motors, is allowing faster turn-around times between hires.

This is opening up new opportunities to support clients who want scissor lifts for short-term hire – for example, 24 hours or even less time.

Challenging convention

Access Platforms Sales Internal Sales and Marketing Director Hannah Treggalles said: “Some of our clients who are investing in electric LGMG scissor lifts are opening up new income streams.

“Conventional wisdom is to focus on hires that last at least three days to maximise utilisation rates and reduce transport and platform preparation costs as a proportion of the hire income.

“But the performance advantages of new electric LGMG scissor lifts are, for some of our clients, turning that rule on its head. They’re now seeing promoting short-term hires as a viable growth strategy.

“It’s good to see that LGMG platforms are creating these real business opportunities. It’s an example of technical advances creating win-wins for both rental companies and their customers.”

APS is the UK and Ireland authorised distributor for all LGMG products, which include a fast-growing range of electric and diesel scissor lifts, cherry pickers, mast lifts, and telehandlers.

Energy efficient

Popular models in the electric scissor lift range include the LGMG SS0407E, which has a maximum working height of 5.65m, the LGMG SS0607E, with  working height of 7.5m, and the LGMG AS1413E, with a working height up to 15.8m.

All three MEWPs have direct drive AC maintenance-free motors designed to give the operator smoother and more precise delivery of power for safer movement and optimum positioning of the platform.

Hannah Treggalles said: “Feedback from our customers is telling us our LGMG scissor lifts are also extremely energy efficient, in part because of the direct drive power system.

“For short-term hires, it means the platforms are returning to the depot with plenty of power still in the batteries, whereas platforms with hydraulic transmission would be all but discharged.

“Thanks to the fast-charging capability of LGMG scissor lifts, this means the platforms can be topped up very quickly, undergo their checks, and are ready to go out on hire again.

“A number of our clients are now making good use of these capabilities by being able to offer their customers a more agile service, with shorter hires that better meet their needs.”

Loading and unloading

MEWP hire customers benefiting from this trend include shopping centres needing to carry out urgent but quickly-to-complete maintenance tasks and cleaning contractors working at height in offices and on industrial sites.

The sealed direct drive motors on LGMG scissor lifts have other important advantages. They also provide improved gradeability and power control, which makes loading and unloading faster and safer.

They also eliminate the risk of oil spills from hydraulic drive systems and reliability glitches caused by hose failure. They are also less susceptible to faults caused by water and dust ingress.

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