IPS Brings New Battery Technology to Powered Access Sector

Building on the success of its POWER series, IPS is bringing an innovative lead battery technology to the powered access market.

The new gel tubular plate batteries are robust and long-lasting. They are also leak-free, a characteristic increasingly demanded on “green” sites such as Canary Wharf.

Kevin Shadbolt, operations director of IAPS Group, which owns IPS, said: “These long-life batteries are ideal for the demanding duty cycle of industrial access applications.

“They give hire companies and end users peace of mind that the battery is not going to let them down. And because they last up to three times longer than lead acid or even AGM batteries, they significantly reduce the time required and cost of ordering and fitting new batteries.”

Previous lead acid or gel batteries used a flat plate. The new tubular plate design is more rigid and therefore stands up better to the stress of deep cycling. The battery pumps electrolyte into the tubes, which means it is better protected than in flat plate batteries, where it can be prone to shredding.

The series includes the popular GTP6215, a 6v, 215ah battery. Sealed and maintenance-free, it offers a typical maximum life of 1,500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.

IPS is still offering 12v absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries in its POWER series, as a lower-cost alternative. Like the tubular plate technology, AGM batteries are also used in industrial applications as there is less danger of leakage, a common issue with flooded batteries. They are also maintenance-free and highly robust.

For further information or to request a visit from an IPS mobile parts store, contact the customer service team on +44 (0)1952 607660, or visit www.ipspartsonline.com.