Hinowa platforms drive our expansion says service group

Multi-service business M12 Group has invested in its third Hinowa spider cherry picker, saying the access platforms are central to its expansion opportunities and future plans.

The company uses its spider boom lifts to deliver services through its three businesses, 360 Access, M12 cleaning and maintenance, and William Hale Fire and Security, which installs and maintains fire and security systems.

Its latest platform is a new Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS spider boom.

Ideal for business model

Matt Brookfield, Director of Swindon-based M12 Group, said: “Hinowa spiders are excellent platforms, and they’re now allowing us to deliver new services, expanding our group of businesses.

“On top of that, the service we get from Access Platform Sales, including the financial package it can provide as we invest in Hinowas, is ideal for our business model and strategy.”

Access Platform Sales (APS) is the UK and Ireland distributor for all Hinowa products, including spider platforms, tracked mini dumpers, and tracked forklifts.

APS Sales Manager Jonathan Wiseman said: “We’re delighted that Matt and his growing team at M12 Group is having such success investing in Hinowa spider platforms.

“As he has found, the tracked boom lifts deliver hugely flexible solutions for working at height and that translates into multiple options for developing related business opportunities.

“What’s key is to match the opportunities created by Hinowa products with equally impressive operational effectiveness and excellent customer service. That’s, clearly, what M12 Group is doing.”

‘Incredibly compact’

Matt’s first business, M12 Cleaning and Maintenance, initially operated truck mount platforms. Then Matt realised Hinowa spider platforms were more flexible.

Smart design and operational features, such as the ability to quickly remove the basket so platforms could be moved through narrow gaps (see pictures above), impressed clients and made his operatives’ work much easier.

Matt explained: “We could see Hinowa spider platforms were incredibly compact so could get to all locations around the buildings we worked on, especially the back of blocks of flats.

“They could also be towed behind a pick-up so the platform could be left on site while someone went to pick up materials, so the Hinowas were more productive.

“They also have great features, especially a 230kg basket capacity. That was really impressive. Also, they’re easy to operate, for example they have one button set up and stow. My team loves them.”

M12 Group’s first spider platform was a Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 Performance IIIS, which has a maximum working height of 17.05m and an outreach of 7.5m.

It has since added two Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS tracked spider cherry pickers, which have a maximum working heights of 20.1m and an outreach of 9.7m.

All M12 Group’s Hinowa spider lifts are bi-energy – with low-emission thermal engines plus 110v mains electric power, allowing the platforms to be operated indoors or where low-noise operation is needed.

Customer advantage

360 Access is attracting a growing portfolio of clients who also value M12 Group’s Hinowa spider platforms, including tree surgeons, satellite communication specialists and pest control companies.

Matt Brookfield said: “Our customers very much appreciate the advantages delivered by working on their premises with the Hinowa spider platforms, and promote our business every time they go to site.

“They’re much faster than other solutions, like scaffolding, so are ideal for emergency work, such as roof and gutter repair.

“They’re safer, cause less inconvenience to building users, and they create new, very cost-effective, opportunities to carry out previous difficult maintenance tasks.”

APS can supply tracked Hinowa spider boom lifts with working heights from 13m to 33m and maximum outreach ranging from 7m to 17m, in diesel and petrol bi-energy versions (with 110v mains electric power), bi-energy diesel and lithium battery power, and all-electric lithium battery power.

Find out more

Ask the APS technical sales team how Hinowa spider cherry pickers can help your business expand today. Telephone 01490 891251. Email: sales@accessplatforms.co.uk.