Hinowa innovation advantage delivers new platforms for 2023

The spirit of innovation and technical progress that has defined the development of the Hinowa spider boom lift range is continuing into 2023 with the launch of two new platforms.

They include the launch at Bauma in October 2022 of the new Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 Performance IIIS spider platform, pictured above – the company’s largest spider lift yet.

Also being added to the range is the new Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 Performance IIIS, which has a range of new design and technology features.

And there is a new ‘Mk3’ version of the popular Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS with a new option for bi-energy diesel and lithium battery power.

Clear advantages

Steve Couling, Chief Executive of Access Platform Sales, the UK and Ireland distributor for all Hinowa products, said: “We’re excited to see these new platforms being launched into the market.

“They show Hinowa’s determination to be a technology and innovation in tracked spider lift manufacturer is undimmed and it will remain a market leader in Europe.

“It also means we can offer our customers exciting new options for meeting their working at height challenges, at a time when the advantages of using spider platforms are clearer than ever.

“Most eyes will be on the Hinowa Lightlift 40.18. It is a very impressive spider lift, and very big. But here in the UK, I can see the Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 as the one to watch.

“It sits perfectly in an important working height niche, and has innovations that will be very attractive to rental companies and end users alike.”

Impressive launch – the new Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 on display this week
at Bauma 2022

Reaching further

 The Hinowa new 40.18 Lightlift has a maximum working height of 40m and a maximum outreach of 17.5m at an up and over height of 10m, or 17m when the height is raised to 23m.

 It can also reach 4m below ground level. The LL 40.18 spider lift has a basket capacity of 300kg across most of its working envelope, and 230kg for its last metre of outreach.

 The spider platform can be elevated to a height under its tracks of 1.12m to assist in levelling on steep inclines, a capability that will also allow it to self-load onto trailers.

 With the basket removed, the spider platform has a maximum stowed length of 6.82 metres, a maximum width of 1.69 metres, and a weight of between 8,700kg and 8,900kg.

 As with all Hinowa spider platforms, its stabilisation area – 5370mm by 5040mm – is impressively small, given its working height.

 Enhanced reliability

 The new Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 has a maximum working height of 18.55m, a maximum outreach of 7.8m and an unrestricted basket capacity of 230kg.

 With a tracking height of less than 2m and a width of 795mm, it can easily be moved through a single doorway.

 In terms of working height and reach, it sits between the already hugely popular Hinowa LL 17.75 and Hinowa LL 20.10 platforms, with additional features.

 Its boom sections have been designed to have no external tubes or cables, eliminating the risk of these elements being damaged or snagged, for example during tree work, enhancing reliability.

 The Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 will also have the option of being fitted with a radio remote control, in place of the standard cable remote pack, increasing flexibility when controlling the platform in constrained space or over difficult.

The new Hinowa LL 18.80 is the first spider lift in the Performance range to have tubes and cables 
enclosed in the boom.

 Sustainable transport

 It is perhaps the power options, and the related weight of the platform that users will find particularly attractive.

 The Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 can be supplied with low-emissions diesel or petrol engine in a bi-energy version with zero-emissions 110v cabled electric power for indoor or low-noise operation.

 The spider lift can also be supplied with all-electric lithium battery pack or with a full independent operation bi-energy diesel and lithium battery power configuration.

 In all three options, the weight and dimensions of the platform allows it to be towed by a 4x4 vehicle or van on a bespoke lightweight trailer, supplied by APS, driven by an operator with a standard car licence.

 This is likely to make the Hinowa Lightlift 8.80 very attractive in sectors like access rental, building maintenance and surveying, tree management and cleaning, where users want to make use of the latest and most sustainable electric and bi-energy working at height practices, while also maintaining the most flexible transport options.

Flexible transportation built in – the LL 18.80 can be towed on a trailer by a 4x4
or van using a car driving licence

Motor innovation

 The Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Mk3 is an upgrade of a platform that is already one of the most popular in the Hinowa range, and retains its 20.15m maximum working height, 9.7m outreach, and 230kg unrestricted basket capacity.

 A key development is the new option to supply the Mk3 platform with a bi-energy diesel and electric lithium battery pack, expanding the platform’s sustainable working capabilities.

 Both platforms, the LL 18.80 and LL 20.10 Mk3, are fitted with Hinowa’s new interior permanent magnetic (IMP) electric motor, which delivers power more smoothly and more efficiently, boosting performance and battery life.

Find out more

Ask APS’s expert technical team about Hinowa’s new spider platforms today. We would be happy to talk through other features that support high-performance and sustainable working at height.

Telephone: 01480 891251. Email: sales@accessplatforms.co.uk.