First look – here’s Hinowa’s new 40-metre spider boom lift

It is Hinowa’s biggest ever spider lift and it is already impressing UK rental specialists.

Access Platform Sales has received orders the new Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 Performance IIIS boom lift before the first platform had even tracked out of the factory.

And, now, here is the very first photograph of it.

With a maximum working height of 40m and a maximum outreach of 17.5m, the Lightlift 40.18 lifts Hinowa up alongside its big spider boom rivals.

But it has a BIG advantage – the Hinowa operating system.

Hinowa difference

The director of one of the UK rental specialists that has already placed an order explains it this way: “The difference with Hinowa is how easy it is to use.

“There are other big spider platform manufacturers, but nothing competes with the simplicity of a Hinowa.

“It will be just like other platforms in the range down to 13 metres. Get it to site, press one button to self-level, and away you go.

“If you’ve operated a Hinowa Lightlift 20.10, which has a working height half as high, you can operate a Lightlift 40.18 just as easily.”

The Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 is available in three power options – diesel and 110v cables electric, lithium battery and diesel bi-energy, and lithium battery electric.

The lithium and diesel bi-energy version is likely to be popular, giving flexibility for indoor and outdoor projects, and working in low-noise and emission control zones, especially in inner city areas.

Self loading

Tasks the Hinowa LL 40.18 is likely to be popular for include building inspection – given the ongoing concern about tall building fire risks and the tightening of building regulations – and installation and maintenance of digital communications masts.

The spider cherry picker’s 17.5m maximum outreach is achieved when the platform is at a 10m working height. It is still 17m at a working height of 23m.

The spider platform can also reach 4m below ground level, for example to assist with underbridge work.

Heading in the other direction, the spider lift can be elevated on its outriggers to a height under its tracks of 1.12m to assist in levelling on steep inclines, or to self-load onto trailers.

The Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 has a 230kg basket capacity across its entire working envelope, in line with all other tracked spiders in the range.

That increases to 300kg for all but the last metre of outreach, which is ideal to have to carry plenty of tools and materials.

Highly compact

Operatives do not want to have to be returning to ground level too many times before completing jobs when they are working at the top of a 12 storey building!

With the basket removed, the spider platform is just 1.69m wide. That is narrower than an Audi A4 car. It has a stowed length of 6.82 metres and weighs between 8,700kg and 8,900kg.

 As with all Hinowa spider platforms, its stabilisation area – 5370mm by 5040mm – is impressively small, given its working height.

The Hinowa LL 40.18 has a maximum working hight that rises 7.5m above the next spider platform in the range, the Hinowa LL 33.17.

And early signs are that it is going to become an increasingly familiar sight, where serious working height is needed where easy access is compromised.

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