BoSS PA-lift gets outdoor rating in performance uplift

The industry-leading BoSS PA-lift push around scissor lift has now been given even more impressive functionality, including being rated for outdoor use.

The platform, launched less than 12 months ago with a class-leading 5.4m indoor working height now delivers more flexible full-site operation plus new optional accessories, including a white noise overhead obstruction alarm.

Steve Couling, Managing Director of Access Platform Sales, the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for the BoSS PA-lift, said: “The BoSS PA-lift has consistently impressed customers since its launch.

“These new features cement the platform’s position as the clear leader in the push around category, not least because they are based on requests made by customers themselves.

“Being able to use new BoSS PA-lifts for external tasks will reduce the number of platforms needed on worksites, maximise productivity, and give rental companies important marketing advantages.” 


Diagnostics app

 The BoSS PA-lift, manufactured by WernerCo, is the successor to the already highly popular BoSS X3X and X3 push around scissor lift models.

 Launched at Vertikal Days in September 2021, it delivers a platform height of 3.4m, 200mm higher than the BoSS X3X.

 Diagnostic data can be viewed via a smartphone and tablet app, an industry first for a push around scissor lift. In another first for the class, the BoSS PA-lift also has an overhead obstruction detection system with alarm frequency increase and interlock.

 After the platform’s successful soft launch, WernerCo set about introducing the new functionality, with a priority to achieve the outdoor rating.

 Outdoor certification

 Low-level MEWPs are often used to facilitate the fit-out of buildings where the cladding has yet to be installed, and where outdoor rated machines must be used.

 Wind rating calculations were made and a software modification introduced that has allowed the introduction of a new outdoor setting, limiting the platform height to 2.6m.

 This new outdoor mode of operation achieved CE and UKCA certification by TUV at the end of May 2022.

 The white noise alarm system is a new BoSS PA-lift accessory to fit in place of the standard piezo alarm mounted on the cylinder block cover.

Intelligent alarm

More and more sites are requesting that machines be fitted with white noise rather than piezo alarm systems because they are less distracting for other workers.

The new intelligent white noise overhead obstruction alarm continuously measures ambient noise levels and adjusts the volume to 10dB higher.  The accessory is quick to install and will be available from late August 2022.

 A tool tethering bracket is yet another new feature added to the BoSS PA-lift, and is bolted to the right guardrail in place of the grab handle.

The bracket is rated to hold 20kg of tools, with each of the four D-rings rated to carry 5kg, more than enough for most cordless power tools. Appropriately rated tool tethers can be attached to the hooks on the bracket.

    A new option for the upgraded BoSS PA-lift  - an intelligent white noise
alarm that gets louder as the platform gets closer to an overhead obstacle.

Safety features 

As well as increasing working height, the BoSS PA-lift’s platform provides more working space. It is 630mm wide, 60mm wider than the BoSS X3X and BoSS X3 scissor lifts.

Its maximum safe working load of 250kg is 10kg more than the BoSS X3X which means there is plenty of capacity for an operator to work with tools and materials.

Its overall width is still 760mm so it can be moved easily through a standard single doorway and into a small passenger lift. Weighing just 375kg, the BoSS PA-lift is easy to manoeuvre, and ideal for use on floors where a low point loading is critical.

The scissor lift has an array of other safety features, including tilt and overload sensors. It can also be fitted with a range of accessories, including a confined space guardrail and anti-climb guards.

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