APS to showcase Hinowa advantage at woodland show

A team of Access Platform Sales technical experts will be showing off a range of powerful Hinowa machines at Confor Woodland Show 2023.

They will be taking a tracked spider boom, a tracked forklift and a tracked mini dumper to the show at the Bath and West Showground on September 21st and 22nd 2023.

The Confor Woodland Show brings together manufacturers, equipment suppliers, tree management specialists, outdoor leisure businesses, plus land and asset managers to see and discuss the latest developments in woodland technology and management issues.

Sustainable access

It is organised by Confor, a membership organisation for sustainable forestry and wood-using businesses.

APS, the UK and Ireland authorised distributor for Hinowa products, will be at Stand L2 with a Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 Performance IIIS, a Hinowa TPX1800 tracked forklift and a Hinowa HS701 mini dumper.

Hannah Treggalles, APS’s Internal Sale and Marketing Director, said: “We’re looking forward to showing how all three machines have  capabilities proven in forest and woodland environments to allow tasks to be completed faster, more safely, more sustainably and to a higher standard.

“For example, Hinowa spider lifts are the platforms of choice for tree surgeons in the UK and the Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 is one of Hinowa’s newest models, with innovative features tree specialists are already finding add value in their work.”

Ideal for tree work

The tracked cherry picker, launched in 2023, has a maximum working height of 18.55m, a maximum outreach of 7.8m and an unrestricted basket capacity of 230kg.

It is the first Hinowa platform to have boom sections with no external tubes or cables, eliminating the risk of them being damaged or snagged, which is especially helpful when carrying out tree work.

It also has the option of being fitted with a radio remote control, in place of the standard cable remote pack, increasing flexibility when controlling the platform in constrained space or over difficult ground.

The tracked platform most favoured by tree surgeons is the Hinowa LL 20.10. It is the largest platform that can still be towed on a 3.5t trailer behind a 4x4 vehicle using a standard car licence.

Trailer transport

One issue is that the lithium battery version of the Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 is just a little too heavy for the 3.5t trailer, so tree surgeons select the bi-energy diesel and 110v mains electric power option.

The Hinowa Lightlift 18.80, on the other hand, has a comparable performance envelope yet the lithium battery electric version is still light enough to be towed on the lightweight trailer.

Tree specialists can still select the diesel and mains electric power bi-energy version or a full lithium battery and diesel bi-energy platform, both of which can be towed on a trailer as well.

Hannah Treggalles said: “For the first time, tree specialists who want to use and offer to clients the sustainability and low carbon footprint benefits of lithium battery power for working at height can do so, with all the access advantages that trailer transport provides.”

Forest forklifts

The Hinowa TPX1800 ride-on tracked forklift is likely to impress visitors to the Confor Woodland Show with its flexibility in carrying out a range of tasks in woodland environments.

The highly compact but powerful machine has a maximum load of 1,800kg. It can be used to transport equipment, or carry logs and materials in 1t bags across rough terrain and in constrained space, for example between dense stands of trees.

The forks can be raised to a height of 1.77m to unload or load vehicles or to place loads on material stacks. The Hinowa TPX1800 can be used to directly support tree management tasks or other woodland tasks, such as path and track laying.

Mini dumper power

The Hinowa HS701 tracked mini dumper is one of a range of mini dumpers ideally suited to working in forestry and woodland environments. They are just 758mm wide, with an option to extend track width to 1058mm hydraulically, so they work well in highly constrained space and over soft, uneven ground.

The Hinowa HS701 can be supplied with a petrol or diesel engine. There are a number of configurations – with a standard dumper bed, high-tip or extra high-tip dumper beds, and with a self-loading shovel. Depending on the version, load capacity ranges from 550kg to 700kg.

Other Hinowa mini dumpers include the HS1102. It, too, has best-in-class operational performance. One of the machines supplied by APS was used to lay a high performance cycle track in woodland around a Welsh reservoir.

Find out more

Visitors to the Confor Woodland show are invited to visit the APS L2 stand to see the Hinowa machines and hear more about how they make working in forestry settings easier, more productive and safer.

Contact APS today to arrange a meeting at the show on a particular date and time that suits you. Telephone: 01480 891251. Email: sales@accessplatforms.co.uk.