APS launches next generation range of material lifts

Working at height and lifting specialist Access Platform Sales has launched a new range of high performance material lifts.

The new Toughlift® material lifts have been specifically designed to be low maintenance with a low whole life cost while delivering excellent lifting performance.

APS is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for all ToughLift® Material Lifts models, plus related load handling attachments, accessories and spare parts.

Impressive innovation

APS Managing Director Steve Couling said: “We’d wanted to offer a new range of material lifts for some time. Ones we’d looked at were poor quality, with little to no support from the manufacturer.

ToughLift® material lifts are different. The quality and attention to detail were immediately apparent. Our technical team was very impressed by the number of innovative features that addressed long-standing issues with this type of equipment.

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer ToughLift® material lifts to the UK and Ireland markets.”

Four current models are the:

When stowed for transport, all the material lifts are just 800mm wide and 760mm long.

Easy-to-maintain design

Their low maintenance credentials are supported by having a fully-anodised mast, making it corrosion and abrasion resistant, but still fully-recyclable at the end of the life of the machine.

All the steel fabrications are first e-coated and then powder coated to maximise corrosion resistance. The ends of the steel sections are also fitted with silicone rubber end caps to prevent corrosion inside the section.

All joints across the machines have been designed to prevent wear by welding tubes through the steel sections and then adding self-lubricating bushes.

Easy to operate

All retaining pins used to secure the standard forks or boom to the mast and to lock the front legs and loading wheels in position are stainless steel, as are all other fixings.

They are also fitted with large, robust easy-to-pull rings. Other key features include:

  • A cable guard where the operator stands behind the mast, which includes the main operational and safety decal;
  • Hard-wearing aluminium mast pulley wheels with sealed bearings;
  • an extra wide first pulley which improves the laying of the cable on the winch drum;
  • A spirit level mounted on the chassis to help the operator to level the machine before raising the mast;
  • A hoisting and winching anchor mounted on top of the mast;
  • Loading wheels and transport wheels with sealed bearings.

The material lifts and accessories comply with the safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the Supply of

Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 (UK).

All ToughLift® Material Lifts and accessories are supplied with an EC and a UKCA declaration of conformity.

Attachments for safe lifting

Load handling attachments that fit the standard forks include a pipe cradle, a load platform that fills the gap between the standard forks, and a boom attachment, turning the material lifts into small cranes.

An adjustable extension forks accessory adds an extra 161mm, 399mm, or 631mm to the length of the standard forks. There is also a rough terrain wheel kit supports transportation across uneven surfaces.

Maintenance accessories include a cable coupler, for quick and easy replacement of worn cables, and a mast safety brake release tool, used by technicians to release the safety brake in the mast assembly.

Every ToughLift machine has in integral document holder with an instruction handbook plus a QR code to access the same instruction handbook on the ToughLift website.

The comprehensive maintenance manual covers periodical maintenance and checks; troubleshooting; and repair procedures, with exploded drawings and parts lists.

Engineers and technicians can also attend a one-day technical training Course, either at APS’s training suite or at a rental company’s own premises.

Book a demonstration

Models and accessories are fitted with serial plates which assist the rental company or end-user in tracking and traceability for LOLER thorough examinations.

For the material lifts, these are annual checks. For load handling attachments, they are 6-monthly. Machines also have a one-year parts and back to the dealer’s base labour warranty.

ToughLift® Material Lifts started delivering its ML-10 and ML-15 models to APS in January. APS has already begun giving demonstrations to clients, resulting in significant enquiries.

The larger ML-20 and ML-25 models start arriving in early May, with a major innovation to resolve a long-standing issue with larger material lifts.

When lifting a significant load, ToughLift® Material Lifts has designed the ML-20 and ML-25 models to ensure mast columns always lift in sequence.

Find out more

Talk to APS about its exciting new range of ToughLift® material lifts. Telephone: 01480 891251. Email: sales@accessplatforms.co.uk.