Hinowa Telecrawler 13N

The Hinowa TeleCrawler13N is the first telescopic tracked spider platform in the world to have all-electric drive, enhancing performance and sustainability, with a particularly compact stabilisation area...

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  • Max. Working Height Max. Working Height: 12.9m
  • Max. Horizontal Outreach Max. Horizontal Outreach: 6.4m
  • Travel Width Travel Width: 0.74m
  • Lift Capacity Lift Capacity: 136kg
  • Weight Weight: 1,895kg
  • Power Source Power Source: Lithium Battery


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The Hinowa TeleCrawler13N is a lithium battery powered telescopic aerial platform with a maximum working height of 13m and a maximum outreach of 6.4m.

It is designed for one-person operation with an unrestricted maximum lift capacity of 136kg.

This allows the Hinowa TeleCrawler13N to operate within a stabilisation area of just 2.45m by 2.9m, equivalent to being set up in a parking space for a single car.

The efficiency of its direct drive electric motors means the platform can be fitted with a smaller lithium battery, reducing its weight and contributing to its small size.

They also support longer battery life – the TeleCrawler 13N is designed to be operated for three days on one full charge – minimising its carbon footprint while providing reliable, long-lasting zero-emissions and low noise working.

Eliminating hydraulic drive, greatly reduces contamination risks caused by hydraulic oil spills, while an array of smart functions simplifies and speeds up safe working at height.


More Information
Max. Working Height 12.90m
Max. Horizontal Outreach 6.40m
Lift Capacity 136kg
Power Source Lithium Battery
Weight 1,895kg
Travel Width 0.74m
Lifting Mechanism Telescopic Boom