Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 Performance IIIS

The new Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 Performance IIIS has innovations that enhance reliability, flexibility and power configurations for a spider platform that can be towed on a 3.5t trailer.

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  • Max. Working Height Max. Working Height: 18.55m
  • Max. Horizontal Outreach Max. Horizontal Outreach: 7.8m
  • Lift Capacity Lift Capacity: 230kg
  • Weight Weight: 2,990kg
  • Power Source Power Source: Diesel Petrol Lithium Battery Bi Energy


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The Hinowa Lightlift 18.80 is the first spider cherry picker from the manufacturer to have all tubes and cables stowed inside the boom, eliminating the risk of damage or snagging.

In another first, it can also be fitted with a radio remote control, in place of the standard cable remote pack.

The tracked platform can be supplied with low-emission diesel or petrol engines in a bi-energy version, combined with zero-emission 110v cabled electric power for indoor or low-noise operation.

It can also be supplied with an all-electric lithium battery pack or with a bi-energy diesel and lithium battery power configuration.

In all three options, the weight and dimensions of the Hinowa LL 18.80 allow it to be towed by a 4x4 vehicle or van on a bespoke lightweight trailer, driven by an operator with a standard car licence.


More Information
Max. Working Height 18.55m
Max. Horizontal Outreach 7.80m
Lift Capacity 230kg
Power Source Diesel, Petrol, Lithium Battery, Bi Energy
Weight 2,990kg
Lifting Mechanism Articulated Boom
Chassis Type Self-Propelled