Genie S-60 4WD

Genie S-60 4WD Key Facts

  • Max. Working Height Max. Working Height: 20.3m
  • Max. Horizontal Outreach Max. Horizontal Outreach: 15.48m
  • Travel Width Travel Width: 2.49m
  • Lift Capacity Lift Capacity: 227kg
  • Weight Weight: 9,655kg
  • Power Source Power Source: Diesel


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Genie S-60 4WD Key Facts

  • 360˚ continuous turntable rotation improves productivity 
  • Minimal tail swing for working in tight spaces 
  • Available with a 1.52 m (5 ft) jib as the Genie S-65
  • Available as crawler-mounted TraX model, with or without jib 
  • Provides 15.5m horizontal reach & 20.3m working height 

Highly regarded by the construction industry, the Genie S-60 has exceptional rough terrain performance thanks to a patented automatic axle adjustment system and positive traction control. Boost productivity with fast lift speed, continuous turntable rotation and a self-levelling platform.

The Genie S-60 4WD is also available as a crawler-mounted TraX model for soft ground. Also available with a 1.52 m (5 ft) jib as the Genie S-65 4WD with a choice of petrol or diesel.


More Information
Max. Working Height 20.30m
Max. Horizontal Outreach 15.48m
Lift Capacity 227kg
Power Source Diesel
Weight 9,655kg
Travel Width 2.49m
Lifting Mechanism Telescopic Boom
Chassis Type RT Diesel Self propelled