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Access Platform Sales hold hundreds of Approved Used and second-hand access platforms in stock from a range of leading manufacturers including Genie, Hinowa and Niftylift. We pride ourselves on offering a large selection of equipment including electric scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers, trailer mounts, tracked booms, spider lifts, van & vehicle mounted access platforms and push around mast lift and hoists. Search our stock today.

You’re welcome to visit our Approved Used centre to try before you buy and we have flexible finance solutions available too. All our Approved Used access platform undergo a refurbishment programme and include a current LOLER 98 thorough examination, ensuring you get a quality piece of equipment which will give you a safe and reliable service for years to come.

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  1. Genie GR15
    Genie GR15
  2. Genie GS1930
    Genie GS1930
  3. Niftylift HR21DE 2WD
    Niftylift HR21DE 2WD
  4. MEC 3084ES Speed Level Zone 2 rated
    MEC 3084ES Speed Level Zone 2 rated
  5. Snorkel S1930E
    Snorkel S1930E
  6. Snorkel S1930E
    Snorkel S1930E
  7. Ommelift 2750
    Ommelift 2750
  8. Hinowa 14.70
    Hinowa 14.70
  9. Genie GS1932
    Genie GS1932
  10. Genie GS1932
    Genie GS1932
  11. Genie GS2632
    Genie GS2632
  12. UpRight X33RT
    UpRight X33RT
  13. Niftylift HR12NDE
    Niftylift HR12NDE
  14. Genie Z45/25J Bi-energy
    Genie Z45/25J Bi-energy
  15. Genie Z45/25J Bi-Energy 2WD
    Genie Z45/25J Bi-Energy 2WD
  16. Power Tower Nano
    Power Tower Nano
  17. Dingli JCPT1212DC
    Dingli JCPT1212DC
  18. CMC SUP 15
    CMC SUP 15
  19. Dingli JCPT1008HD
    Dingli JCPT1008HD
  20. Ommelift 2750RXBDJ
    Ommelift 2750RXBDJ
  21. Snorkel S1930
    Snorkel S1930
  22. Gardner Denver DA125
    Gardner Denver DA125
  23. Hinowa 17.80XL Lithium
    Hinowa 17.80XL Lithium
  24. Haulotte Star 10
    Haulotte Star 10

Items 1-24 of 35

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