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Our flexible finance solutions enable better cash-flow planning and help preserve your working capital.

We have trusted and established relationships with several major asset funding providers. Coupled with our own financial strength, this means that we can go the extra mile to find the right finance for your equipment.

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We offer attractive finance packages for both new and Approved Used Genie lifts, including:

Hire Purchase

You pay a deposit and VAT up front on the full purchase price. The balance repayments are typically spread over 36 – 60 months. At the end of the agreed period, you own the machine outright.

Lease Purchase

This is similar to Hire Purchase but the monthly repayments are much lower; instead you pay a ‘balloon’ payment at the end of the agreed period. This reduces your monthly outlay but you still have the option of final ownership

Operating Lease

Effectively a long term hire, the initial outlay is more affordable: you pay only 3x the monthly payment plus the VAT on that amount as a deposit. Repayments are spread over 36 – 60 months. At the end of the term you hand back the machine, so you do not have ultimate ownership

Contract Hire

This is a popular choice for customers who want fixed monthly operating costs with zero initial outlay. Your monthly payment over a 36 – 60 month term includes the provision of the machine, plus all servicing, LOLER inspections and breakdown costs, giving you complete visibility on total costs. At the end of the term, simply exchange the machine for a new one on a similar contract, or you can extend the rental term for your original machine.


This solution minimises risk by giving you the option to rent a machine for an agreed period (at least six months), with the option to either return it at the end of this time frame or buy it outright at a substantial discount to the original selling price.

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