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Thorough Exam Reminder

No more worries over expired Thorough Examinations (LOLER 98)!

It is against the law to operate a Genie machine with an out of date Report of Thorough Examination (LOLER 98) – it’s that simple. If your access platforms doesn’t have a Thorough Examinations, it can cost your business time and money – that’s where we can help!

We offer a free Thorough Examination/LOLER 98 reminder service to all of our Genie lift customers. This takes the hassle out of remembering the dates of the Thorough Examinations and services for your Genie access platforms.

Just enter the date of last Thorough Examination and/or service below and we will send you an email reminder, one month before the next one is due.

Learn more about LOLER 98 and how it applies to you.


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